About Mechanical Plating
Mechanical plating is an effective means of applying zinc, tin, or other ductile metals or mixtures 
of ductile metals to metal substrates -  usually steel.   In the mechanical plating process,  impact 
energy is transferred from a rotating open - ended oblique barrel through  glass beads,  resulting 
in the cold - welding of fine metal dust particles to the substrate.  The  resulting deposit is slightly 
porous,  matte  in  finish,   and  provides  corrosion  protection  to  the  articles  so  plated  without 
introducing  hydrogen embrittlement into the part.  It is therefore used widely to provide corrosion 
protection  to  high - strength  fasteners,  particularly  those  above  about  Rockwell  C 40.
About Mechanical Galvanizing
Mechanical  Galvanizing  is  an extension of  the well-established mechanical plating technology.  
This  process  is  nearly  identical  except  that  the  amount of metal  plated (zinc) is substantially 
greater - galvanized coatings begin at a coating thickness of 1 mil (0.001" or about 0.045 ounces 
per square foot) and go up to 1-1/2 ounces per square foot.  Most  commercial work  is done  to a 
thickness target of about 2 mils or about 1 ounce per square foot.  Generally,  parts to be galvan-
ized  can  be up to 1  pound  in  weight  and  up  to  about  6 inches  long.
About Plating Systems and Technologies, Inc. 
PS&T was founded in 1985 to serve the market for mechanical plating.  Our  business  has  been 
built on four key factors:
Favorable Pricing.  Our  prices  for  proprietary  products  used  in mechanical plating and mech-
anical galvanizing are 20%  to 25% below our competitors. We offer the very best prices available. 
We haven't  raised  our  prices  since  we  started  in  the  business  nearly  fifteen  years  ago.
Prompt Product Delivery.  We pride ourselves on rapid responses to all our customers.   95% of 
our orders are shipped the same day the order is placed.
Superior Product Performance.  Our extensive list of products for mechanical plating and mech-
anical  galvanizing  outperforms  similar  products  from  competitive  sources.   That  is   why  our
products  are  now used in most of the mechanical plating and mechanical galvanizing job shops 
in  the  USA  and  Canada.
Knowledgeable Technical Support.   Tom Rochester and David Rochester,  the world's leading
experts  on  mechanical plating and mechanical galvanizing,  have solved hundreds of technical
problems for  mechanical  platers,  and  developed  hundreds  of  products  used  in  mechanical 
deposition processes. Their  breadth  and  depth  of  knowledge  of  this technology is unexcelled.
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