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7 good Reasons for mechanical Galvanizing

Mechanical galvanizing is an extension of the well established mechanical plating (peen plating) technology. The process is nearly identical, except that the amount of metal plated (zinc) is substantially greater. Galvanized coatings begin at a coating thickness of 1 mil (0.001"), 25 microns, or about 0.45 oz. per square foot and go up to over 3 mils (0.003"), 75 microns or 1.5 oz. per square foot. Most commercial work is done to a thickness target of about 2 mils, 50 microns or about 1 oz. per square foot. Generally, parts to be galvanized can be up to 1 pound in weight and up to about 6" long. Mechanical galvanizing offers the following important features, advantages, and benefits:

1. No Hydrogen Embrittlement
Because mechanical galvanizing is an extension of mechanical plating technology, it does not produce hydrogen embrittlement and does not require lengthy pre-plate or post-plate baking cycles.

2. No Detempering
Mechanical galvanizing is a room temperature process that does not detemper heat-treated parts.

3. Excellent Thread Fit
Mechanical galvanizing does not fill the valleys of threaded fasteners. Mechanically galvanized parts mate quickly and easily.

4. No Chasing of Nuts after Plating
In hot-dip galvanizing, threads must be cut or chased after galvanizing, robbing them of protection and requiring extra expense. Mechanical galvanizing produces parts that are ready to use without any further processing steps.

5. No Galling
Because of the composite nature of mechanical coatings, this naturally lubricious coating will not gall. This characteristic produces more accurate torque-tension relationships.

6. No Stickers
In hot-dip galvanizing, molten zinc often fuses parts together, resulting in lost time, effort, and materials. In contrast, mechanically galvanized parts are 100 percent usable.

7. Excellent Adhesion
Because of the underlying coatings, mechanical galvanizing has excellent adhesion to the base metal.

With advantages like these, it is clear why knowledgeable users are making the move to mechanical galvanizing. Now is the time to move up to the high-quality and unsurpassed performance of PS&T Mechanical Galvanizing.

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7 Reasons for Galvanizing